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Surely you will find here the right thing to motivate your employees and colleagues, to interview them ad-hoc, to switch on live or to inspire them with fun and games. Not quite what you're looking for yet? Then contact us and we will find a smart solution together.

We have already successfully implemented 1, 2, 3, 4 plugins and many customers are enthusiastic about them!

Take your time to look at everything. Depending on what you have in mind, it is also worth taking a look at our plugin packages, which we have packed into concrete and proven use cases and treated to a big discount.

For which platforms do the plugins work?

Our plugins work with a variety of standard technologies that are used within companies to promote collaboration and mobile communication.

Currently the the plugins are availabe for Staffbase and Drupal. COYO and Microsoft Teams we have on our to-do list. Whether intranet, employee app, desktop or smartphone. All plugins can be individually combined and used. Have a look at our prices to get an idea of how cheap employee motivation can be. Please feel free to contact us for individual wishes, other platforms or to simply discuss your ideas with us.


Ideation Plugin

From one idea to a common solution. Sometimes it can be so easy to involve your greatest capital - your employees.

Live Plugin

Right in the middle of it instead of just #being there. With the Live Plugin you reach all employees and colleagues - worldwide.

Poll Plugin

Simply gather feedback, measure your company's pulse or start a live vote. No problem with the Poll Plugin.
Drupal | Haiilo | Staffbase

Q&A Plugin

Ask questions & get answers - that is the core of our plugin. Benefit from the swarm intelligence in your company and offer employees a central contact point.
Drupal | Haiilo | Staffbase

Quiz Plugin

Whether fire protection instruction or data protection notices - knowledge transfer is fun! Use a quiz to learn in a playful way.

Smart Spaces Plugin

Increase the satisfaction of your employees and use office space more efficiently - both by booking your workplace mobile!
Drupal | Haiilo | Staffbase

Thank You Plugin

Appreciation and praise are incredibly important - not only in your private life, but also at work. With the right solution, you can do it in your employee app or intranet.

World Cup Betting Game Plugin

Surprise your employees with the betting game plugin just in time for the 2022 World Cup. Take up the football motivation and increase the engagement.

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