Smart Spaces Plugin

Increase the satisfaction of your employees and use office space more efficiently - both by booking your workplace mobile!

Long way to work without a guaranteed working space? That really does not has to be the case.

The home office has become part of the everyday life of many employees. That is why permanent office workspaces have become rarer. Will there still be a place available if I arrive a little later? How long will it take to find a place today? Is my favorite space free today? These questions put a strain on your employees. But the Smart Spaces Plugin provides a remedy. Therefore reduce your employee’s frustration and use your office space more efficiently.

The best features at a glance

  • Search and book workstations, meeting rooms and project spaces quickly and easily via app
  • Enable evaluations of office and building utilization based on uniform data
  • Employees receive an overview of all current and future bookings
  • Unused bookings are released again
  • A favorite place can be stored – so your employees are spared the daily search
  • Make a booking directly for the whole team

Already convinced?

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Landing Page

Simple and straightforward from the start: Choose from various options.

Book directly your deposited favorite place

  • Book any place
  • Search for a meeting room
  • Book seats directly for the whole team

You can see all your bookings at a glance and check in easily upon arrival.

Spaces booking

If you want to book a seat, the date, time, start and end of the booking can be selected as desired. Available seats are then displayed. Do you want to book this seat in a certain rotation? No problem, just use the “Repeat” function.

Which seat belongs to me? Simply choose freely from available workstations. The space allocation can be viewed live at any time. The desired equipment of the workstation can also be customized as desired.

One click and off you go!

Team booking

Would you like to book several adjacent seats for your entire team directly? No problem! Select the desired time period as usual and find an undisturbed place for productive teamwork, supported by the live space allocation display. A colleague can easily assign a workspace to all his team members and book it directly for them. Problems regarding correct coordination or communication are thus eliminated from the outset.

Space booked

As soon as you’ve found a place, you’ve already booked it. In the confirmation overview, the date, time and location can be compared once again. This place is your personal favorite? Then simply save it as a favorite place and book it even faster next time.

If required, a booking reminder can be activated. Alternatively, you simply add it to your own calendar.

Smart Spaces Extensions

The plugin offers a variety of further possibilities of use through a platform in the background. For example, use additional battery and wireless sensor technology for your office environments for an even better employee experience.

A digital twin of the work environment enables the integration of the physical world into digital services.

  • Detection of workplace conditions (temperature, CO2, … ) to provide healthy working environments for your employees.
  • Real-time detection of meeting room usage via Enocean passive infrared sensor.
  • Detection of inventory usage cycles in work and office spaces via Enocean Multisensor.
  • Counting usage cycles of washrooms for on-demand cleaning / refilling of hygiene items via Enocean magnetic contact sensor.
  • Detection of single workstation usage via Enocean Multi Sensor.

Smart Spaces Cloud

In addition, the integration of sensor technology gives them many more opportunities in the Smart Spaces Cloud.


With your instance of the Smart Spaces Cloud, many areas and locations can be connected and evaluated.

Further Use Cases

Further use cases can be implemented using pre-integrated sensor technology (counting people, determining distribution in the room, implementing access restrictions, etc.)


The collected data can be flexibly exported to various channels, including existing enterprise apps and applications, through an open REST-API. Statistical evaluations are also possible.

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