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For some use cases it makes sense to use several plugins in a package. Here we have compiled some bundles for you. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you individually. Have fun with unpacking!

Small gifts maintain friendship

We will be happy to give you a gift by giving you our plugins at a reduced price. Again, give your employees motivation and joy with our plugins in a useful bundle. Which of the following use cases suits you?


You are welcome to use our plugins for specific occasions and for a short time. Just give us this hint as soon as you request an offer. We are happy to do that for you!

#Event / Fair / Conference

ideation - live - quiz - poll

At an event, everything fits together. From the idea collection to the design of the event, up to the call for papers – the Ideation Plugin is the ideal platform for it. Even voting can be done with this plugin. The Live Plugin streams live to all locations and records all sessions if you want. Thus nothing stands in the way of a partly virtual event.

Additionally loosen up the atmosphere with one or more quizzes. Pass on useless knowledge about the event location or test the participants’ knowledge about your company with the Quiz Plugin.

Did everything right? At the end of the day, collect feedback from the participants using the Poll Plugin. Now everything has been thought of. Very simple, very fast.

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#Workshop / Small Employee Events / (Christmas) Celebration

quiz - poll

You are currently holding a workshop and would like to bridge the midday low with a relaxed round of questions? Or think about funny questions about the company to loosen up employee events? The Quiz Plugin is a lot of fun.
At the end of the day or after an event, it’s always nice to be asked for my feedback. Since I can also answer anonymously with the Poll Plugin, I am open and honest.

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#Livestream of Management to all Locations

live - poll

Whether Jour Fixe or ad-hoc stream for all employees – with the Live Plugin you are on air. Thanks to the Poll Plugin, you can simultaneously use the potential of your employees to make decisions or make a choice. You could also use multiple surveys to control the path and outcome of a meeting through the spontaneous decisions of your employees.
Totally crazy, right?

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#Onboarding / New Employees / Training

ideation - poll - quiz

Make sure that new employees are well received in your company. Start with a quiz about your company using our Quiz Plugin or use the Poll Plugin for a first training on the subject of fire or data protection. Don’t miss out on the potential of new employees and provide them with the Ideation Plugin to keep track of improvement requests in the onboarding process. It’s hard to get started, but this plugin package makes it easy.

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