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We've got some plans! Find out here about new features for our existing plugins and about completely new ideas that we will soon implement. How exciting!

Upcoming Plugins

We always think about what we can do to make your working day even more enjoyable. These useful plugin ideas will soon become reality.

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Match Making Plugin

Imagine you are standing at a trade fair or in the middle of a company event and know hardly anyone. How would it be if you could now network with interesting people via app and meet them ad hoc? The Match Making Plugin makes this possible. Everyone can deposit their abilities, strengths, qualities and see who suits them in their professional context. Or meet people who would complement your new project perfectly! It’s a match!

Upcoming Features

We have many ideas on how to make our plugins even better. Have a look at what we intend to do with our existing plugins. Please feel free to contribute your own ideas by simply contacting us.

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Ideation Plugin

Distribution list

Specify which users will be notified when new ideas are posted.

Improvements in category handling

Users can select multiple values of a category. In addition, there is the possibility to display different categories depending on the user’s selection.

Interface to retrieve ideas

Simply retrieve the ideas via technical interface to integrate them into an existing system.

Live Plugin

Comments and Questions

With this feature for our Live Plugin we want to enable employees to ask questions to the speaker in a livestream in real-time.

Statistics & Evaluations

Get a comprehensive overview of all statistics and evaluations before and after the livestream.


Quiz Plugin


After participating in the quiz, you can optionally display a ranking list with the top users.

Time limit for answering questions

Only give participants a certain amount of time to answer questions.


Set individually how long the quiz should be active.

Poll Plugin

Copying polls

You can easily reuse existing polls with the copy poll function.

Participating more than one time

Users can also participate more than one time. This allows you to identify any trends in their responses.

Paths for polls

Create polls for different audiences and develop individual questions based on the answers given.

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