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A team is only as good as its communication. But how can this be improved? Microsoft Teams brings employees from all departments and locations into a virtual workspace and thus enables open and fast exchange. We help you to design your use cases in human resources virtually and to cooperate even better in the future. Just come to us!

Make the optimum use of Teams

Whether direct exchange in chat, sharing and editing documents in real time, holding virtual conferences or team organization in Planner – Microsoft Teams offers numerous functions. How can these functions be used for your specific human resources processes? How do you take working with Microsoft Teams in your team to a new level?

Together with our skilled trainers, experience the numerous possibilities of Microsoft Teams and how to best integrate them into your HR department. Choose from exemplary use cases for Human Resources, the most exciting one for you, to get to know the possibilities of digital collaboration in this area.
In order to provide training that is individually tailored to your team, we will discuss your challenges and use cases in advance over the phone.

In addition to a look at your specific use case, the training will of course also provide a general overview of the structure and functions of Microsoft Teams. There will also be sufficient time to respond to your personal questions.



Our training offer


Web session Team training
90 minutes web session individuel preliminary talk
up to 20 participants 90 minutes team training
up to 20 participants
75,00 € per person 1.500,00 € fixed price

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Collaboration within your personnel department

Optimize the processes in your HR department with a virtual department team. Create channels for different topics (e.g. recruiting, personnel development, etc.) in which documents are processed together and flexible exchange takes place.



A virtual project room enables a flexible exchange between managers and recruiters from the creation of job offers to the filling of positions. With Microsoft Teams, you can create virtual, real-time job advertisements for new job offers, advise on application documents and conduct virtual job interviews.


Further training

Train your employees flexibly and efficiently in a dedicated training channel. Conduct interactive training as live events or integrate training videos. Give your employees the opportunity to further educate themselves independently by storing training materials centrally. Encourage exchange among participants to promote their informal learning and knowledge transfer.


Event planning

Work together in a project team to plan internal campaigns or events. Live meetings provide the opportunity for ad hoc coordination. Subtasks can be arranged in channels. The Planner provides an overview of the entire project and shows the workload of the employees involved.


Onboarding & information

Welcome new employees to the company and provide them with important company information and documents in a collected form. Create channels for different topics and invite employees to virtual induction events, training courses, etc. Relieve your team through transparent discussions.

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