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Right in the middle of it instead of just #being there. With the Live Plugin you reach all employees and colleagues - worldwide.

Live on your PC or Smartphone

Sustainability, small rooms, spontaneous meetings or employee involvement at locations in Germany and around the world. There are a thousand reasons and possibilities to use the Live Plugin. With this plugin, your employees can virtually take part in events, join from locations so they don’t have to travel, or watch recordings later in a relaxed way. The simple possibility of participation and integration of employees live in events reduces costs and increases satisfaction. You will see!

Our service for you

  • 24 / 7 (target group specific) streaming
  • Seamless integration as a native plugin into the employee app
  • Device independent – works on smartphone and tablet
  • No limitation of (simultaneous) user numbers
  • 30 hours per year
  • Individually usable
  • Booking of additional hours possible
  • Supports webcams, smartphones and professional equipment
  • Automatic recording if desired
  • permanent provision of the recorded videos
  • Hosting on Azure International
  • Content Delivery Network – CDN (Akamai / Verizon)

This is how we support you

  • Enabling for editors
  • Event case with professional equipment for self-service
  • Technical support from a professional video team
  • Extended event support with on-call duty
  • Support via email during business hours

Already convinced?

Then jump directly to our price calculator. Indicate how many employees your company has and we will calculate the rest for you. Maybe you’ll find another plugin that will help you in your everyday job life – our plugins are really inexpensive if you buy them in a package!

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One location for 1000 people, but 4500 employees worldwide. With the Live Plugin it was possible for us to let everyone participate in the event as good as possible. Even the employees on site used the live stream to retreat into cosy lounge corners and beam from there into the too small session rooms to listen to the speaker. Sustainability was now given twice over. Fewer employees travelled to the event and all presentations of the day can be listened to again and again. Perfect plugin!

Livia Czernohorsky // User Experience Consultant // T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Configuration of the Live Plugin

Ok, the Live Plugin is a bit more extensive in the backend, but easier to use for your users in the app or on the PC.

Click on “Add Live” to create a new stream. Assign a name and here you go.


Add a more detailed description to your stream. If, for example, the video is later available as a recording, it would be useful to specify here when the recording took place.

Now enter the credentials in an external favorite decoder app. We like to use the GoCoder App or OBS on the desktop. Thanks to the credentials, the Live Plugin now shows what your mobile phone, laptop or external camera “sees”.

#Record or not

Finally, decide whether the stream is to be recorded and can therefore be reused. For meetings or events that can only be followed now and here, click “Start”.

For events that should be recorded for posterity, use “Start with Recording”. Start the film!


All beginnings… can go? Then simply cut your video to size here and then make it available to everyone on a sustainable basis.

Live is live

Right in the Middle

instead of just being there


parallel streaming


employee involvement


via recording function

We are always there for you.

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