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Simply gather feedback, measure your company's pulse or start a live vote. No problem with the Poll Plugin.

Just ask

With the Poll Plugin, you can quickly and easily obtain feedback on specific topics, events and processes. Find out how your colleagues think about certain circumstances or decisions within your company – or better yet, let them participate through surveys. Evaluate live polls in real time and make results immediately visible. Simply ask, answer even simpler.

The best features at a glance

  • One of three question types can be used for a question: Button, slider and free text.
  • Unlike a quiz, there are no right or wrong answers.
  • The user can only do the poll once – as soon as an answer to a question is saved, he can no longer change his answer.
  • At the end of a survey the participants can optionally see the evaluation.
  • The answers can be exported centrally using a CSV file (optionally anonymous).
  • All contents can be created in multiple languages.

Already convinced?

Then jump directly to our price calculator. Indicate how many employees your company has and we will calculate the rest for you. Maybe you’ll find another plugin that will help you in your everyday job life – our plugins are really inexpensive if you buy them in a package!

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Surveys have never been easier, for participants and administrators. With the Poll Plugin, you can quickly create surveys that you can complete on the go or at work, and that are easy to evaluate.

Ellen Habich // T-Systems Schweiz AG // Communication

It's that easy to create a poll. Just ask.

As with all our plugins, you can make very individual settings. With the Poll Plugin, for example, you can specify your corporate colors and decide whether the evaluation is visible to the participant at the end or not. The animated evaluation view always shows the current status of the answers. A test mode gives you the possibility to test a new quiz beforehand. Ingenious, isn’t it?

#start page

Give your survey a crisp name, a chic picture and give those you ask a short text about content, anonymity and duration. And off you go.


Who does not ask remains stupid!

Ask as many questions as you like. Decide for yourself in which form your participants can answer: By button, slider or free text. Give additional information, for example information about the rating scale: 1 is great, 10 is very bad.

You can also upload a fancy picture for each question. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for answers, we don’t know what will!

#evaluation page

Here you can thank the participants for their participation. Use the editor to format text nicely.

Optionally display the evaluation results or make them a secret – your decision!


You can see how many participants answered each question at any time. Use the nice looking analysis view to be able to react immediately to questions from your colleagues about the status of the survey, for example.

After the export as CSV file, Excel takes over the asked questions as column headings. From here you can further evaluate or edit your statistics.

Questions don't cost anything


ask questions


ways to reply


evaluation in real time


better than not to ask

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