Ideation Plugin

From one idea to a common solution. Sometimes it can be so easy to involve your greatest capital - your employees.

Brains and cool ideas - that's what distinguishes us from machines and artificial intelligence.

As an employee you are familiar with your daily tasks. You know which processes still have potential for optimisation, you have passed on your own workarounds to colleagues or simply have a good idea. And where to put it now? Tell the boss? Send an email to everyone? Quite simple – use the Ideation Plugin. A meaningful title, the exact description of the idea, perhaps a picture or video added for illustration, and colleagues and managers can assign their “like”. It’s that simple.

Unlocking Potential


Intuitive way of creating ideas


Comment, Like or Share ideas


Status - workflow and notification system


Directly in the intranet or the employee app - without media disruption

The best features at a glance

  • Centrally predefined template for creating an idea including the option to define individual fields, also possible anonymously
  • Option to comment, share and vote for ideas
  • Individually configurable status system for each idea (e.g. open, in progress, implemented) including the option to restrict individual functions for ideas of a certain status
  • (Push) notification for idea contributors and voters when the status of an idea changes or the option of a distribution list for notification when new ideas are created
  • CSV export for detailed evaluation or for individual further processing

Full flexibility

The extensive configuration options allow the Ideation Plugin to be used for other applications, such as an internal exchange or task management tool.

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