Ideation Plugin

From one idea to a common solution. Sometimes it can be so easy to involve your greatest capital - your employees.

Brains and cool ideas - that's what distinguishes us from machines and artificial intelligence.

As an employee you are familiar with your daily tasks. You know which processes still have potential for optimisation, you have passed on your own workarounds to colleagues or simply have a good idea. And where to put it now? Tell the boss? Send an email to everyone? Quite simple – use the Ideation Plugin. A meaningful title, the exact description of the idea, perhaps a picture or video added for illustration, and colleagues and managers can assign their “like”. It’s that simple.

The best features at a glance

  • Centrally predefined template for setting up an idea.
  • Every user can post new ideas in the employee app.
  • Users can save ideas as drafts. Drafts are only visible to the creators.
  • Ideas have an editing status. This can be set or changed by the admin/editor.
  • Idea creators receive a push notification when the status of their idea changes.
  • Ideas can be commented on.
  • With the help of a voting function, employees can vote ideas higher and thus also push them.
  • The ideas are stored centrally in a CSV file and can be exported.

Already convinced?

Then jump directly to our price calculator. Indicate how many employees your company has and we will calculate the rest for you. Maybe you’ll find another plugin that will help you in your day-to-day work – our plugins are really inexpensive if you buy them in a package!

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An intuitive backend is a matter of settings

Make all the settings yourself. Ideas should be submitted anonymously? No problem. The plugin should wear your company color? We’ll do it immediately. Ideas should be able to be changed before publication? Then switch on the draft mode. You are missing a setting? Then let us know and we’ll see if we can implement your ideas.

#start page

Image, text, the name of the Start button. Everything is in your hands. Motivate your colleagues with an appealing plugin appearence to create top ideas and many likes!


Add your own categories to suit your needs. Is the idea an improvement or completely new? Is it possible to foresee the effort behind it and make a choice between hours or weeks? We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution together.


All ideas at a glance. Administrate the ideas of your colleagues here. Someone accidentally published an idea? Then delete it here. You want to know which idea has the most votes? Sort by them. All filters from the frontend are also available here. And the best thing is: After the export as CSV, all filters in Excel are very easy to use. This makes working with idea lists super easy.

We are always there for you.

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