Thank You Plugin

Appreciation and praise are incredibly important - not only in your private life, but also at work. With the right solution, you can do it in your employee app or intranet.

Say Thank You!?

A thank you with great effect. People who are appreciated go above and beyond. Keep your team engaged and motivated with the Thank You plugin. Appreciation and recognition are just a click away. Give feedback and praise in your employee app or intranet.

Your advantages

Makes Happy

... promotes a positive working environment and increases employee satisfaction

Makes you more productive

... increases team cohesion and increases productivity

Promotes culture

... improves the well-being of employees

Strengthens employer brand

... increases employer attractiveness through appreciative culture

The features at a glance

  • Acknowledgements in the form of a digital card format with text and image
  • Everyone can send and receive thank you messages, including the option to add predefined images from an image gallery
  • Option of whether the card is visible to everyone or private
  • Publicly available thank you cards can be commented on or liked
  • Different types of thank you cards (e.g. Good Job or Impressive) and option to emphasize certain qualities
  • Personal overview of thank you messages received and sent

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