Chatbot-Personality – Inhouse Workshop

In 2 days we work out together all important ingredients for a bot personality that fits perfectly to your company.

Chatbot - charming colleague, problem solver and guide

Creating the personality of an artificial intelligence is not so easy. How does the bot “speak”? What does he look like? Where does he appear? And how can it effectively support my customers or colleagues?

We work with you to create a chatbot personality that carries your company’s image to the outside world and empower your editors to feed the bot with the right answers in the background.

2 days with you on site - Let's go

Put your team together and get us to

Bring expertise from several areas to one table. Colleagues from corporate communications, brand design, the UX department and editors who will later feed the bot with answers. We also welcome idea generators and creative colleagues who want to push the idea of a chat bot. 10 motivated employees, a first packed workshop day, that’s what you can expect:

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Corporate identity + look & feel + dialogue design

DAY 1 – 8 hours of creative thinking lie ahead

  • short warm-up to get to know each other
  • Creativity booster to get really good ideas
  • What makes your company tick?
  • Who is our customer / user?
  • Factors that inspire.
  • Look & Feel of the bot – what suits us and inspires confidence?
  • Conversation and dialogue design on concrete usecases
  • Behavior of the bot in the context of its possibilities


At the end of a very intense day we have created a concrete chatbot personality. Every step that helped us to achieve this identity is visible and comprehensible. The path of insight that we have walked together all day will help you concretely in the development of a marketing strategy for the successful marketing of the product.

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The technology behind the bot - what does it do and how do I use it?

DAY 2 – 8 hours of intensive technology understanding & training

  • #Terms – from AI to vectors – we first clarify technical terms around the topic BOT
  • #Clustering – What does the bot need from us to give meaningful answers?
  • #Dialog design – Development of the rules of the bot, a common checklist and guideline

At the end of the 2nd day, your editors will be able to maintain topics, related intents and entities in the backend, so that the bot later gives the right answers and inspires the user.

You do not have any technology in use yet? No problem. We have several technology partners and would be happy to advise you here.

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Your coach

Livia Czernohorsky
People Experience Consultant
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Tel: +49 351 2820 5161

“I love to try out new workshop formats, to tickle the creativity of the participants and at the end of the day look into satisfied and astonished faces to see how much we have achieved in a single day.”

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Your technical coach

Jörg Riedel
Senior Consultant Digital Transformation
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Tel: +49 351 2820 2273

“Intents, Entities, NLP, AI … together we clarify what is behind the terms and find out what you have to do to make the bot a charming problem solver.”

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