The new Q&A plugin

Asking questions is human, but finding the right answer is not always easy. Information is often stored on various channels and the search for the right answer can make you feel lost. Asking would definitely be easier - but who? Of course everyone.

Juliane Wagner
published on 20. September 2021

Finding the best solution together.

The Q&A plugin enables an interactive information pool in which existing questions can be searched, read and answered. Of course it is possible to ask questions, too. The exchange in the community leads to the answer of each question. And best of all: all questions & answers are collected in one place in your employee app or intranet.

The challenge

Knowledge and the right answers to questions are often widely distributed throughout the company. Knowledge silos are created and known contact persons or departments spend a lot of time answering questions. If there is no central place for such questions and answers, knowledge cannot be shared and resources cannot be saved.

Q&A plugin as solution

The name says it all – from now on, questions can be asked and answers given in a central location on the intranet or in the employee app. This can save you and your employees a lot of time and, by the way, you benefit from the swarm knowledge in the company.

What the plugin actually offers, we tell you here.

Search and sort questions

It is always similar with questions – you are never alone with a question. So it’s no surprise that questions on certain topics are accidentally asked twice and in different places.

With the Q&A plugin, existing questions can now be easily sorted by alphabet, belonging or date. Searching for specific keywords is also no problem in the Q&A plugin. This way, employees can quickly get an overview of the questions that have already been asked or explicitly search for a solution to their own problem.

Ask your own questions

As the name of our plugin suggests, one of the main functions is to post your own questions. With just a few clicks, questions are assigned a title, category and description. Questions can always be changed or deleted afterwards.

Get to the solution thanks to answers

Answers to questions asked are given quite simply through the comment function. With the “Upvote” function, correct answers can be highlighted and pushed, while unimportant answers move out of focus thanks to the “Downvote” function. The correct answer can also be marked accordingly so that it is visually highlighted.

But who is allowed to answer? Basically everyone – after all, expert knowledge is often distributed throughout the company. The community character means that your employees benefit from the knowledge and experience of all their colleagues.

When to use the plugin?

The application scenarios are very diverse and can be implemented on a topic, project or event basis. For example, a Q&A community can be used for questions about the home office or onboarding. But such a community is also very helpful when introducing new processes or tools.

Our Q&A plugin can be seamlessly integrated into existing Staffbase systems, making it available both on mobile and desktop in your employee app. Soon, the plugin will also be available for the COYO intranet technology.

Interested? Beta tester wanted!

The new Q&A plugin sounds interesting for you? Perfect – then try out our plugin now. What works well, what can be improved? You can use the plugin in the beta version free of charge and help with your feedback in the further development.

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