Poll 2.3 – February 2020

We have a small update for the poll plugin. In particular, it contains a long awaited configuration option for images related to the start page, support for the Finnish language and other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Stefan Schaffrath
published on 25. February 2020

Start page - Separation of image and headline

Separate configuration of image and headline

Often we have received feedback that when using images for the poll start page, the headline section overlays the image too much. This led to the fact that images which have also contributed significantly to the content could not be used for the start page.

We have therefore integrated a new configuration option when using images. The editor can now decide for the start page whether the headline part should be displayed in the image or below the image. This configuration option is only visible when an image is used.


Better evaluation page

Display of poll results for long answer texts

Long answer texts in the evaluation pages meant that the evaluation was not presented in a readable form for the relevant questions. We have corrected this by cutting off the answer text for the evaluation page.

New language support: Finnish

The standard navigation elements are now available in Finnish.


Incorrect display of the percentage on evaluations with small response bars

On evaluation pages, the percentage was not visible if the bars were too small. This is now fixed!

Entering spaces in free text answers was considered participation

For free text answers, the entry of “space” was considered participation. This is now fixed! Simply entering spaces does not count as participation.

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