Pimp your Content

This blog post explores how to create content so that it is read.

Christina Matuschik
published on 19. February 2020

Why employees visit the intranet

We often find that raffles and Christmas party announcements work best on the intranet. If you look at some of the statistics in internal communication platforms, the meal plan is often at the top according to click numbers. The motivation or the interest of the readers behind these contents is obvious.

In the meantime, numerous intranet platforms have moved away from the communicative one-way street and a wide range of potential authors are writing content. In addition, besides the official section presentations, topics are often published in communities and interest groups.

The privilege of the top message on the start page is replaced by activity streams or pushed back by dynamically played content.
The user community is placed in the foreground and through principles such as follow and subscribe, everyone determines for themselves which content is to be displayed and is of interest.

In the external content world, topics such as search engine optimization, paid media, content marketing, touchpoint analysis, persona methods, target group segmentation or funnel logic are commonplace in order not to be lost in the multitude of possible content and to reach the relevant target group.

In our opinion, it is right and important to use these strategies for internal communication as well and not to consider internal communication in isolation from these points.

The session “Pimp your Content” in our Masterclass Social Intranet Learning & Growth will take care of this topic and we will look at how we can develop formats for your intranet. Topics like infographics or memes, i.e. visual content but also quizzes or listacles can and may be used in internal communication.