Moments that matter – What makes for good experience management

The experience management of your employees should interest you as an internal communication. This also includes employee surveys.

Ulf Kossol
published on 25. February 2020

Employee surveys and the role of internal communication

“That’s HR’s job, not mine!” – If you feel the same way, enjoy your free time and do not read further. But please do not complain later that internal communication has lost its importance.

Of course, the subject of employee surveys is usually anchored in the personnel department. But there are good reasons why this topic should interest you as an internal communication:

  1. Internal communication communicates and accompanies surveys, explains special features and may even motivate people to participate in the survey in the first place.
  2. Well done, surveys offer enormous potential for dialogue. These do not always have to be the large annual surveys, but can also be ad hoc and detailed surveys.
  3. Once the survey is complete, it becomes particularly important to keep the workforce informed about the next steps. Results, derivations and activities must be communicated transparently to counteract the threat of survey fatigue.
  4. Today, employee surveys are part of Employee Experience Management and 4 out of 5 managers attach great importance to them. Only the combination of experience data (X-Data) and operational data (O-Data) allows statements about and derivations for the employee experience. O-Data, i.e. analysis data from operational systems, is often already the responsibility of internal communication.
  5. Internal communication usually keeps the shortest distance to the employees and therefore knows which moments are really decisive, in which feedback and opinions should be asked for #momentsthatmatter


Interested? Good. Ready? Better.

Poor experience management can provide poor, if not incorrect, insights. Therefore, it must be well planned. What there is to consider and which ideas to start with are, among other things, components of my “lesson” at the Masterclass – Social Intranet Masterclass Learning & Growth on March 18th and 19th, 2020 in Berlin. I am looking forward to meeting you!