Adoption strategy – More movement on the intranet

An intranet can only bring added value to a company if it is filled with life by employees - an adoption strategy is an important first step towards this. Here you can find out what questions you should ask yourself when developing an adoption strategy and why it is essential for a successful intranet.

Ulf Kossol
published on 18. February 2020

An intranet lives on content and movement...

…one of them is missing, employees lack the reason to be there and we lack the target group.

To ensure that the messages of internal communication reach the right target group at the right time, the intranet must be accessed regularly.

The question, which is answered with an adoption strategy is exactly this: How do we manage to increase or deepen the usage rate as well as the depth of use in an intranet?

We often experience that the intranet is seen as a technical platform, whose introduction was a long time ago and which is assigned to IT, whereby the benefit lies primarily in the playing out of internal communication messages. So in most cases the possibilities of liveliness in the intranet depend on these two, sometimes conflicting, departments.

If, however, one puts the user community of the system in the foreground, the topic “intranet” can be relatively quickly and easily illuminated from a different perspective.

Who are you? What drives you? What drives you?

It is worth asking these questions in the context of a scoping and thus analysing the target group a little more precisely. On the one hand, the aim of this investigation is to find out who is already actively using the system today and, above all, what motivates them to remain active in the system. What is the added value for this group of people? It is not uncommon to discover business-critical processes that were not known centrally, but have the potential for generic processing and reuse.

On the other hand, it is extremely helpful to know what keeps the inactive user group from participating in the intranet in order to take measures based on this.

Only when we know what our users want, what they need to make their work faster and better, then we can find ways to increase the usage rate sustainably with an integrated adoption strategy.

By mapping or considerably simplifying business processes in the intranet, the depth of use can be increased relatively quickly and the intranet gains in relevance and importance.

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It is important to realize that this procedure of scoping, not as often observed, may only take place once at the beginning of the intranet project. An intranet is only as good as the people who work with it. In order to fully exploit the added value for everyone, it requires care – both technical and human – as well as constant learning and further development.

If you do not yet know what your target group really wants and needs in the intranet or are looking for levers to activate them, our Masterclass Social Intranet Learning & Growth is the right choice.
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