Unily Crisis Comms Dashboard

Deploy a pre-configured crisis comms dashboard, using a segmented set of Unily features, within just 5 days.

One package, 4 steps, 5 days

Your benefits

  • Reach all employees, whether on the desktop or in the app
  • Enable remote working with policy documents, guides and app libraries, all under-pinned by powerful search to get people what they need fast
  • Everything at a glance with the crisis communication dashboard
  • Highly discounted usage & upgrade option to Unily’s full-blown Social Intranet 
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In only 5 days to the finished dashboard

Step 1: Talk to us today to see how Unily can get your crisis communication plans up and running. We can discuss how your users are logged in, show you the features and discuss your short and longterm plans. 

Step 2: Our onboarding team works with Unily to guide you through four days of key remote workshops on the following topics: technical setup, website design and configuration, content review and sorting, implementation and future planning. 

Step 3: On the fifth day, your website is equipped with all the core functions you need to get your crisis communication plan up and running. 

Step 4: Start with a new central hub of your corporate communications that can engage and connect your people during the current crisis, with a plan to expand features when the time is right. We will guide you every step of the way. 

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