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In special times this can be of crucial importance. Now is the time to listen to the needs, concerns and fears of your employees. Ask them how they are doing, how they are making the most of the new work situation and what best practices have already proven themselves in everyday life. Use a survey to feel the pulse of your employees. Now!

Moments that matter

Capture the moments when your employees need you

We now offer you the possibility to create surveys easily and free of charge. Qualtrics offers ready-made surveys to help you get started, as well as a large dashboard with extensive analysis options.

The survey reaches your employees on the PC or mobile. Qualtrics can also be integrated into your existing systems and apps as a website. In addition, you can also use our Poll plug-in for Staffbase. We are happy to advise you here!

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Our free offer!

  • 4 times 60 min until the finished survey
  • 1 jointly created survey in Qualtrics or Staffbase, integrated into your own systems
  • all questions flow into a central question pool

Our first phone call:

In a one-hour kickoff phone call, we will analyze…

  • your current situation
  • what do you want to achieve with the survey
  • what is your current level of knowledge about surveys
  • how we deal with the issue of works council and data protection
  • give us a common overview of the platform Qualtrics or Staffbase
  • and send you a sample survey, which you can check internally – please give us feedback on this

Follow-up Call

  • We go through the sample survey together
  • finalize your survey together
  • also consider the whole thing technically and
  • release the survey for a friendly user test

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Let us now start your survey together. We give you hints for the Go live technical & communicative. In addition, we will give you tips for the evaluation of the results – how they will be presented and communicated to the employees.

All the questions developed by all customers flow into a common pool of questions from which everyone can drawtogether we are more!

What's next?

After you have successfully placed your survey and communicated the results transparently to your employees, we would like to discuss your learning with you and perhaps plan the next steps together.

You are welcome to use our offer free of charge!

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