Poll 2.4 – November 2020

With this release our poll plugin gets minor improvements which make the life of the editors easier. They now have more flexibility in configuring colours in general and for the progress bar. Additionally we have fixed a bug in connection with the display of images in questions.

Stefan Schaffrath
published on 2. November 2020


The following improvements have been made in this release.

  • Editors now have full read-only access to all configurations and settings of the poll, even if answer records have already been received.
  • The colour of the progress bar can now be defined by the editor. Additionally, there is the option not to display the progress bar. This is recommended when integrating a poll directly into a page together with other widgets.
  • The colour configuration is now simplified for editors by a new colour selection tool.


We have also fixed a major bug that has been burning under the nails of many customers.

Images that are included in the poll on the start page or in questions were not displayed in a standard 16:9 format until now, contrary to the information in the tooltip. We have corrected this error. Now all images are consistently displayed in 16:9 format.

In addition, the current results of the poll were displayed to the user on evaluation pages in the poll – if activated. Here, any HTML formatting of the questions was also transferred, so that the user was not able to see the results correctly. We have corrected this. The presentation is now consistent without any HTML formatting.

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