Ideation 4.1 – November 2023

Small update for the Ideation Plugin!
New features like (push) notifications for comments and many small improvements, like the option to mark form fields for new ideas as optional or to finally use links and images in comments.
Thanks to Like Animation, liking ideas is also much more fun!

Stefan Schaffrath
published on 7. December 2023

New notification options

We have updated the notification options. Previously, we only enabled notifications for authors and voters when the status of an idea changed. Now there are 3 new options for notifications for:

New comments (individual for authors or voters of an idea)


New replies to comments

The additional notification options can be turned on or off individually by an editor.

Display of Like votes

Until now, it was not possible to see which users had marked an idea with “Like”. This was problematic for some use cases in voting.

With the update, users can see which other users have marked the idea with “Like” when they click on the Like count in the detailed view of an idea.

Note: The function is activated for all existing Ideation instances. If required, the function can be deactivated again in the individual plugin instance settings.

Optimization for idea form & export of ideas

Show / allow multiline text fields as idea form field.

The use of text fields in the idea form has been improved. It is now easier to enter longer texts because the field wraps accordingly.

Option to mark form fields as mandatory or optional.

Another improvement for the idea form fields. An editor can now define whether the fields must be entered as mandatory or optional.

Form fields now available individually in export.

The export has been optimized so that when using multiple form fields, these are now also available individually per idea in the export.

Usability improvements

Improvement search: Enable search also for partial words.

The search has been improved. It now also finds partial words! Previously, the search had only found results when exact matches could be found.

Use of attachments and HTML in comments/replies.

Want to use an image in a comment or quickly share a link? Now finally possible with the use of HTML and attachments in comments and replies to comments.

Sorting option by amount of comments.

Users and editors can now sort ideas by the number of comments in ascending or descending order.

UI - improvements

The layout and design was optimized in 2 areas:

  • When clicking on “Like” for an idea or comment, a small animation now appears. This makes liken even more fun! J
  • The action to submit a comment is now better displayed by means of a highlighted button with icon.

Fixed bugs

Export contains incorrect data for number of comments and/or likes.

The export of ideas sometimes contained the wrong number of comments and/or likes. We have now corrected this.

Form fields are displayed in the wrong order.

The form fields of ideas, were sometimes displayed in the wrong order in the idea form. This has been fixed. The order of display now follows the setting made by the editor.

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