Ideation 3.2 – January 2022

The year starts with an update of the Ideation plugin. We have added more features that simplify the life of editors and enable new use cases! The highlight is the new notification function for editors when new ideas are published. In addition, we have made further improvements and bug fixes.

Stefan Schaffrath
published on 24. January 2022

New features

Neue Funktionen_EN

Notification about new ideas

Editors were not notified when a new idea was posted until now. They had to check this list continuously.

With the new function “Push notification for new elements”, editors can define users who automatically receive a notification when a new idea is published.

Restricting authorised authors for ideas

Editors can now restrict which users are allowed to publish ideas in the plugin’s settings. By default, ideas can still be posted by all authorised users.

This new function enables the use case of pure idea voting for fixed ideas.

Note: The use of these functions is not automatically activated. Please contact for more information. (API access required.)


Direct link to ideas form

In some use cases, our customers have requested a direct link to the idea form.

This is now possible with the new version by appending the parameter /add to the URL of the Ideation Plugin.

Ideation URL = https://yourdomain/content/mms.ideation/plugin-id
Direkt-Link to ideas form = https://yourdomain/content/mms.ideation/plugin-id/add

Improvements for accessibility

Barrier-free access to information technology is also important for our plug-ins.

Therefore, we have implemented some measures that simplify access to the Ideation Plugin also for people with disabilities.

Success message after publishing an idea

Users now receive direct feedback after successfully publishing their idea.

Bug Fixes

Faulty deep link on idea from push notification

The direct link to an idea from a notification was incorrect. Users were not directed to their idea and landed on an error page. This error has now been fixed with the new version. When clicking on a notification for an idea, the user is taken directly to the detailed view of the idea.

Incorrect filter for “My ideas”

The filter “My ideas” was faulty. Not all idea statuses were taken into account. This error is now fixed. The filter now includes all of the user’s ideas, regardless of their status and the plugin’s visibility configuration.

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