Ideation 3.1 – July 2020

Just in time for the hot summer weather we have a nice update for our Ideation plugin, which now offers you even more flexibility and new use cases. Highlight is the possibility to configure the single functions for an idea depending on its status!

Stefan Schaffrath
published on 3. July 2020

Configuration of the available functions per idea depending on status


Editors now have the option of restricting the functions available for ideas depending on their status.

For example, it is possible to turn off comments for ideas in the status “Accepted” or to no longer display ideas in the status “Archived“ in the idea list. There are various possibilities which offer a high flexibility for the implementation of different use cases!

The following functions can be activated or deactivated depending on the status:

  • Availability: The status is used.
  • Visibility: Ideas with the respective status are visible in the idea list.
  • Filtering: Users can filter for ideas with the respective status.
  • Voting/Liking: Users can vote/like ideas with the respective status.
  • Commenting: Users can comment on ideas with the respective status.

Filtering by category values


One problem with the categories for ideas used so far was that they could not be filtered or evaluated by editors and also by users. Now, editors can determine per category whether it is filterable or not by the user.

In addition, editors have the option of displaying ideas filtered by category in the idea overview in the administration. They can also filter by several categories combined!

If now activated for the respective category, users can filter by this category in the idea overview. The category name and corresponding category value will be offered for filtering.

This makes it easier for users to find specific ideas faster.

Furthermore, a new use case becomes possible: The display of an FAQ with different categories!

Start page - separation of picture and headline


We have often received feedback that when using images on the start page, the headline overlaps with the image too much.

We have therefore integrated a new configuration option when using images on the start page. The editor can now decide for the start page whether the headline and start button should be displayed in the image or below the image.


In addition to the new features and improvements, we have also made minor bug fixes:

Replies to comments are not counted as comments

In the idea overview the total number of comments per idea is displayed. Replies to comments were not counted so far. We have fixed this.

Attachments for ideas do not open in the administrator overview

In the administrator overview of the idea list, attachments of ideas could not be opened without errors. This is now fixed, editors can download the attachments of ideas.

Date values for comments in English format only

The date values of individual comments were only stored in English format. The problem is now solved.

Problem with long category values

When using long category names, they were not displayed correctly in the mobile view. The text is now shortened accordingly.

Filter icon is not highlighted, although a filter is active

In the mobile view, the filter icon was not highlighted when a filter was active. This is now fixed. In addition, the filter icon is highlighted in its color when filtering by a status.

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