How can intranet success be made measurable and visible?

An intranet is not just a decorative accessory - on the contrary, it makes an important contribution to the success of the company. But measuring this success is not so easy.

Ulf Kossol
published on 22. February 2020

What can an intranet really do?

“Yes, an intranet is nice for corporate communications and the menu, but it doesn’t really do anything.” Every intranet manager has probably heard a similar sentence. It rightly feels unpleasant, because it is latently assumed that one’s own work does not add value to the company.

The fact is that the often quoted ROI (Return on Investment) cannot always be calculated easily and even only under assumptions. Quite in contrast to the sales figures of a product, there is hardly any income that can be generated by an intranet.

For most of the experts, intranet and also collaboration platforms contributing to the success of a company is clear and undisputed, but this floating prejudice remains.


We help you to clear up these prejudices!

In our masterclass session “Making success measurable and visible” we would like to support intranetexperts in confronting these arguments of their colleagues and acquaintances offensively.
We proceed in such a way that we first of all start to jointly determine “success” and determine when the intranet is successful. Even if the intranet has already been in existence for 2 years, it is important to keep asking yourself this question and reassessing it. Goals can be derived from these answers. We will show the participants of the Masterclass how to write them down using different methods.

As a result, the goals can then be differentiated into hard or soft or measurable or difficult or not measurable.
The main challenge will then be to make hard to measure goals and their achievement more tangible and visible. In addition to a few examples from our customer projects, we will also focus on the exchange between the participants.

We are looking forward to meeting you – Social Intranet Masterclass Learning & Growth on 18 and 19 March 2020 in Berlin.