Hooray, we finally have an intranet!

But where do we go from here? An intranet is not finished with the GoLive, but should be constantly evolving. However, before measures for a successful further development can be formulated, a detailed examination of the degree of maturity should be carried out.

Ulf Kossol
published on 15. February 2020

And now?

Can you still remember your first ideas for the new intranet? The effort and time that was put into the preparation, migration and implementation? And above all: The anticipation of the GoLive date?

However, the “Intranet” project is not simply finished after the roll-out. Just like the development of your company, your products and your core competence, your intranet is also constantly evolving – preferably all of it as synchronously as possible.

With different measures your intranet can be helped to develop successfully. Not only the boss and the registered employees profit from this, but the whole company! Improve cooperation and communication and thereby increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

How does it work? And how can the masterclass "Learning & Growth" help?

In the session “Maturity Level” of our Masterclass Social Intranet Learning & Growth on March 18 and 19, 2020 in Berlin, you will develop a maturity level for your intranet in about 45 minutes by means of a small “running dictation”. Together with you, we will define the current status of your intranet life cycle based on various criteria, such as corporate culture, information and processes.

After you know where your intranet is currently located and where further potential is waiting to be awakened, we will show you measures and methods to give your intranet new impetus. Together we develop ideas to get the best out of your intranet for your company.