Social Forecasting by Crowd Intelligence – free of charge

Take advantage of the collective intelligence of more than 10,000 experts to be crisis-proof on the road.

Use the wisdom of the many and navigate your company into safe waters!

The collective knowledge of over 10,000 experts has achieved an accuracy of 83%-98% in over 3,000 forecasts! Their forecasts are delivered in less than a week and are demonstrably more accurate than surveys and statistical methods in 3 out of 4 cases. Social Forecasting (powered by CrowdWorx): Ask your questions now in this special time to sail on with tailwind.

Forecasts that count​

Ask the crowd the essential questions and get the right course

Together with our partner CrowdWorx we now offer you the possibility to make forecasts with Crowd Intelligence free of charge. Questions such as “How is activity developing in my industry?”, “How can we make remote collaboration optimal?” or “How can we support customers optimally?” are only a phone call away.

Whether social forecasting or idea competitions, our experts advise you on the selection of methods and questions.

Yes, I'd like some advice

Our free offer!

  • Consultation with our experts to clarify objectives
  • Creation of the forecast in Crowd Intelligence based on the conversation
  • Analysis of the results for the evaluation of recommendations for action
Yes, I'd like some advice

Our first phone call

In a one-hour kickoff phone call, we’ll discuss…

  • your current situation
  • which questions you are concerned with?
  • which method (social forecast/competition of ideas) is useful?
  • the further procedure

The forecast

We set the forecast and have it approved by you so that the system can generate your forecasts. After 3-4 days the Forecasting Engine delivers a highly accurate forecast on your topics.

What comes next?

After the system has calculated their forecasts, we provide them with the evaluation of the results. This is done in the form of an Excel file including raw data and a PowerPoint report with charts and comments.

To complete the package we offer a personal debriefing call (1h) with our experts to discuss the results.

You are welcome to use our offer free of charge! 

Let us take a look into the future together

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